Zakkariak Thundershot

The Dwarven Drifter


Zakkariak (Zak to most) is known as one of the resident tanners in the town of Kassen. He’s been here for several years, with Bart as one his studious disciple. An odd pairing, young man and old dwarf, they are nonetheless fast companions. No matter where you see him, he’s always got his crossbow strapped to his back, and a wooden cudgel against his hip.

Unlike “typical” dwarves, Zak rarely spends time in the drink or in the forge. If he’s not plunging into the depths of the Fangwood or coaching Bart on proper crossbow techniques, he can be found in conversation with Father Priest, the “High Priest” of Kassen, or talking with Trevlar Silvers, the owner of the Seven Silvers Inn.

Zakkariak Thundershot

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