White Annis

The Varisian Gypsy


When most see White Annis on the edge of town, they think of wild stories that are whispered of the western lands. While the woman is known for her lustrous snow-white hair, it’s the Varisian tattoos that most note in snide tones in passing. Blue flowing runes wrap ensnare her arms like vines, and her brow is adorned with a seven-pointed star, though that mark is usually covered by a headdress of black crow feathers.

The contribution she makes to the town is largely unknown, as is that of her “student”, the taciturn woman who begrudgingly walks beside her master. Still, the pair are welcomed into the town, and given access just like lifelong residents of Kassen. White Annis can occasionally be found in the town square with a collection of dried herbs and mysterious potions. The children of town assure travelers that she will turn them into newts. So far, no additional reptiles have been found in Kassen, though with the cryptic smile the woman offers, one has to wonder if the only thing stopping her are the potential questions it would raise.

White Annis

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