Jove Arrens

The Dashing Rogue


What words describe a man like Jove? Mischievous? Clever? Vain? Yes to all of the above. Hailing from Kaer Maga, the wily figure has paid his way in stories to be had and of course a bit of sword training along the way. That being said, if your purse feels lighter near the man, it probably is. He’ll never say why he left the City on the Cliff, and his normally jovial expression becomes stiff and irked. Most days he spends in the Seven Silvers, spending coin that was… mostly earned through due process and hard work.

He’s not the only one that came from the Hex. Following in his footsteps was a cheeky lass, one with fingers that are just as light as his. He’s helping her learn the skills that any journeyman should come into down the road. And of course, ever the talent scout, he’s keeping a close eye on her, just to see what may happen down the road…

Jove Arrens

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